Pivot Table



In the base data of a pivot table i have a column of dates (from 1st
June to 31st Dec 2007) in the format "29/12/2007". In the pivot table
i would like it to summarise the data by month. ie "Dec 2007".
So in the base data i added another column Z (original dates in col B)
and input "=B2" and then formatted the cell as "mmmyyyy". Whilst this
then "looks" ok on the base sheet when you add it to the pivot table
it reverts back to its original format. I did then try and format it
in the pivot table and whilst i can get it to show as eg"Dec2007" it
still retains all of the original rows and will not summarise.

Any suggestions please.


Jim Thomlinson

Right click on the Date field and select Group. Assuming that all of the data
is valid dates you will be given the option to group by year, month, quarter,
.... This will automatically give you your summarization...

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