Sort pivot table field (droplist) by month or original data


J.W. Aldridge

I have a pivot table of which I updated with additional info...
WHen I updated it, the months (starting with June, July, August, Sept,
etc) were rearranged and is now out of order on my drop down list
(filter) on the pivot table. Is there any way to get this back to the
same order that the original data is in, or correct subsequential
month order?

Reads Should Read
June June
July July
Sept August
August Sept
October October
December December

Herbert Seidenberg

Excel 2007
Pivot Table will not sort correctly
if some months are fully spelled out (December)
and others are not (Sept).
Once all the months are in the same format
as in the Built-in Lists, sorting should be automatic.
For other data, sorting the field will also sort the drop down list.

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