Pivot chart loses data connection when copied to new workbook



I have an Excel 2007 workbook where one of the worksheets has a pivot table
(connected to an analysis services database) and a pivot chart linked to the
pivot table. However as soon as I try to copy the worksheet outside of the
existing workbook, the pivot chart loses the data connection and can no
longer be altered (I've tried copying/moving the worksheet, and also a
regular copy/paste of the contents of the worksheet but the problem remains).
The pivot table still works fine though. This seems like a bug in Excel 2007.
The only way to sort is to delete the pivot chart that has been moved outside
the workbook and then recreate it based on the pivot table that was also
moved. However this is very cumbersome with loads of worksheets and pivot
charts which I need to copy outside the existing workbooks. I've also tried
the same thing with pivot tables/charts based on a table within the Excel
workbook just to see if the problem had anything to do with the Analysis
Services connection, and the problem was still the same.

Can anyone confirm that this is a known bug (I guess what I try to do it is
a quite common operation) ? And is there any way to solution/workaround

Any help is very much appreciated.


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