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The homepage I use when I log onto Internet Explorer (MSN.com) has been
pirated, and it cannot be changed using Internet Options (greyed out). I am
hoping that someone out there has run across this and has a fix for it. Not
only has my homepage been pirated, but other users on this computer have the
same problem. We get redirected to some page (yoursecuritysystem.com) that
claims that spyware has been detected and suggests that for $49.95, I can
download an antispyware program that will rid me of this page. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

Jan Il

Hi jdakota :)

You have a Hijacker. Download and install HiJackThis. This step is one of
the most important. Follow all instructions carefully. This prograrm should
be run in Normal mode.

How to download and install HiJackThis: Win 98-XP

Please.. DO NOT post your log HiJackThis log to this newsgroup. It is
important that you go to one of the HiJackThis Support Forums below and
allow the experts there to analyze it for you.:
AumHa HiJackThis Forum
to allow the experts there to evaluate your log and advise you of any
necessary steps to clean your system.
(Note: You will have to Register before posting on these Forums. Please
follow all pre-posting instructions carefullybefore you post your log to
avoid having your log deleted or ignored.


Courtesy of PA Bear -

Help with Hijackware

Hope this helps.

Jan :)
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