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Davmes Tan Chee Seng

Dear Folks,

I had bought a new Canon PIXMA MP 628 printer and it works well with my
tablet PC running Vista Home Premium.

However, I am having difficulties to enable it to work on my another
notebook, which is running Vista Home Premium as well.

Initially, I thought that it could be the printer drivers problem and thus,
I reinstalled all printer drivers but alas, no effect. When I went to the
command prompt and ping "" [IP address of the printer], the
response "Reply from Destination Host Unreachable"

Could somebody help me on this?

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

Could be the local computer IP? In most cases, if you can't
reach the remote networking device, you will receive this message. Posting
back with the result of ipconfig /all may help.

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