Picture frame won't fade (custom animation)


Keith R

I have a slide with a title, a large image on the left side of the slide, a
large image on the right side of the slide, and five smaller images that
start on the right side and follow motion paths to the left side (each
triggered by a separate click).

The last thing I want to do is fade out the large image on the right, and
fade in a text box in the same location.

In the custom animation pane, I have Picture frame 2 (my large image on the
right) as my sixth animation, with the red star (exit), fade, very fast, on
click, 0 delay, 0 repeat.

Right after that, my last custom animation is Rectangle 1, green star
(entrance), fade, very fast, after previous, 0 delay, 0 repeat.

When I play the slide, my first 5 motion path animations work perfectly. My
sixth mouseclick results in the text (Rectangle) appearing behind the large
graphic on the right side, which doesn't dissapear! By playing with the
timing of the fade out animation, I verified that the last animation (text
in) is waiting that period of time before appearing, but the graphic never

I welcome any and all suggestions as to what might be going on, and how to
fix it.

Many thanks,




That sounds like it should work! Are you sure that you don't have two copies
of the large pic or you've assigned the animation to something other than the

Assuming it's not something like this I'll happily take a look at the slide
if you mail it to me.

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