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I am using MS Photo Story 3 to create a 50th wedding anniversary slide show
for my mother and father-in-law. I have around 800 pictures that I want to
include in the show. However, in reading about Photo Story, I discovered
that there is a 300 picture maximum. Is there any way to extend this? Can
you create 3 stories and merge them on to one DVD to play seamlessly? Do I
need a different software package? If so is there anything as user friendly
as MS Photo Story? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,





No, you can't extend the 300 picture limit. You can go two ways....

1 - If you put a number of videos on a DVD, there's just a second or two
pause between them.

2 - You can combine multiple stories into a movie using Movie Maker

In either case, you can't put the stories or movies directly onto the
DVDs... they need conversion to MPEG2 files, something done by your DVD
making software, not Photo Story or Movie Maker

Young Snodgrass

Hello Jeff:

As you may know, PhotoStory does panning and the neat transitions between
photos, and you can easily add the audio or titles to each photo.

Movie Maker will accept individual .jpg files, but you must individually
select the transitions and the panning. It's all very time consuming to do
manually! PhotoStory is such a great program!

And as they said, your picture limit with PhotoStory is far less than 300
photos when you add in the music and the transitions.

What I've done in the past is do a lead-in with a PhotoStory and then save
it as a .wmv file. Then go to Movie Maker and start with the PhotoStory
..wmv, then add the individual jpg (photos) files to make the rest of the
presentation. You can add the music to the Movie Maker story and save it as
a wmv file.

Then you convert the wmv file to a MPEG (like a video movie.) Works slick!

Make certain you understand and have a program to convert the .wmv to the
right type of MPEG!

Good Luck with your 50th anniversary presentation. Everyone is going to
want a copy! (My wife and I get to celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year!
I'd better get started working on a presentation one of these days real soon

Cordially yours,

Young Snodgrass



Gord Dibben

After you follow Laura's suggestion, you must burn your finished *.WMV file
to DVD.

You will probably need a third-party authoring system to burn to DVD.

John Inzer frequently recommends

For need DVD authoring software...
the following freeware may be worth a try:

DVD Flick

Be sure to read the Guide:

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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