Photo printing wizard



How do I eliminate the cache of pictures that are old in windows photo
printing wizard.

John Inzer

V.B. said:
How do I eliminate the cache of pictures that are old in windows photo
printing wizard.
If you open a folder and choose to
print a will only see the
files that are in that particular folder...
Sooo...I'm guessing you are printing
from an e-mail message? Try emptying
your Temporary Internet Files folder.

(260897) How to Delete the Contents of the
Temporary Internet Files Folder

(310312) Description of the Disk Cleanup
Tool in Windows XP


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

Digital Image
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I am a volunteer

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Yves Alarie

If these are files were downloaded from or e-
mail, they may be in a subfolder of your Internet temporary files. The
name will start with OLK and there will be a number after OLK. The easiest
way to find this folder it is to search for OLK* and once found open it and
see if the
files are there.
Click on Start and Search and then
All files and folders
More advanced options
Search system folders
Search hidden files and folders
Search subfolders
In the top textbox "All or part..." type in exactly this
and click search
This search will take a while but should return all
folders starting with
Open the folders, change the view to Thumbnails and see
if the unwanted
files are there. If so, just select them and delete. They
will go to your Recycle bin, delete them from there also. Or, hold the Shift
key down when you delete them in order to prevent them from going into your
Recycle bin.

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