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When opening 2003 Outlook, I keep getting a messge "personal folders
were not closed properly, checkinf for errors" them takes
several minutes to open.

Also, upon occasion, the computer freezes and Outlook grays out and
there is a message at th e top of the screen "Oulook nit
responding".......i must then close the program and start again.

any reccommendations ?






The first part (not closed properly) means that Outlook is still running
when shutting down the operating system and the PST file isn't getting
closed properly. When this happens, Outlook knows about it at the next
startup and will run a check on the PST file. The bigger the PST file is,
the long it takes Outlook to do its sanity check.

What you need to figure out is what is keeping Outlook resident in memory
after you select File | Exit in Outlook. Find the 3rd party program that is
holding it open and get rid of it (or update it if the vendor has an update)
should resolve the issue.

This list isn't exclusive, but here are some things that can cause Outlook
to stay in memory...

1) Phone/PDA sync software
2) Fax software
3) Instant messaging applications
4) Adobe Acrobat (The full version and not the reader)
5) Desktop Indexing software
6) iTunes
7) Security software (antivirus, antispam, .etc)

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