Broken Personal Folder


Donna Berkley

Sometime in the past I either attempted to create a personal folder or import
one. An extra entry for a personal folder shows up on the left hand side
under my inbox and archive folder but when you click on it you get the
message "The set of folders could not be opened". When I look under data
management, I only see three .pst files listed and they correspond to the
inbox, archive and one personal folder that will open properly. I checked
the directory where the .pst's are stored and found other .pst's there. I
thought maybe one was corrupt so I renamed them and then created a new .pst
and then made several copies of it which I renamed to the their names.
Then I re-opened Outlook and hoped that it would "find" the data file it's
associated to but it continued to fail. At this point, I think that
whatever data file that this was associated to must not be on my system and I
don't know it's name. Is there a way to remove this Personal Folder
reference from the list of folders in Outlook ? You can't right-click on
it and close it and the properties for it are grayed out.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.





Renaming any outlook data files is not going to do anything to a currupt
Create a new Profile (not copy) add your accounts & data files, set it as

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