Persistent mapped drive causing lockouts



Vista Business. User mapped drive but initially had wrong credentials -
didn't use the DOMAIN\ prefix. We rebuilt a mapped drive which works fine.
The remote machines are not domain members and I do not want them to be.

However there appears to be a persistent mapped drive on letter x which is
mapped to our data server. It constantly presents the wrong credentials and
this causes our lockout policy to trigger and I see the corresponding event
log errors - literally hundreds all the time the remote machine is connected.
However although the error log shows account locked out, Active Directory
does not, and the user is not locked out at all. Almost immediately [about 2
seconds later] event log entries return to "bad user name or password" then
account locked out and this repeats until the user disconnects.

I have recreated this issue on another machine by mapping a drive with no
credentials. Neither map was set to reconnect at log on.

The local machine returns the following eror when netstat -b is invoked
[when the machine is connected by vpn to our network]

Cannot obtain ownership information
x: Windows Sockets initialization failed: 5

The mapped drive does not show in "Computer"
I have deleted the mount point 2 entries in the registry but this does not
fix the issue

I would appreciate any help to delete this annoying drive!

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