Can't save to mapped drive


Jeff Ingman

I mapped a drive to a file in my public folder. I can save documents to this
location if I navigate to it... but I can't save documents to the same folder
via the mapped drive.

Also my wife cannot save to the same folder from her machine on our home
netword either by navigating to the same location or via a mapped drive on
her computer.

The folder is shared.

Any ideas how to fix?

Malcolm McCaffery

Can you try disconnecting the mapped drive and map it again?

Are you mapping the folder with different username/password?

The user account accessing the folder must have permission to write to it.

On the computer sharing the folder

1. Click Start -> Right click Computer and choose 'Manage'
2. Click Shared Folders
3. Click Shares
4. Find the share that you are accessing, right click and choose Properties
5. Check Share Permissions tab and the security tab to ensure users have
full control access (or whatever level of access is required)



Jeff Ingman


I did dis/re-connect the mapped drive. This did not solve the problem. I
have looked at every permission setting I can find for the mapped drive and
all appear to give me/everyone full control.

The folder is located in the Public folder on my machine i.e. C:\Users\Public

I can save directly to this folder but I cannot save to it if I attempt to
save using the mapped drive which points to one of the folders within
"Public". And when I click on the mapped drive and open a document from
there... it is "Read Only". But this does not happen if I navigate to the
Public folder.

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