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Mar 5, 2002
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If anyone is interested in giving this game a try out ... ... then I have two "Recruit" codes to give away.

We in the Perpetuum team realize that the strength of our current player-base comes from groups of friends forming communities inside the game. Perpetuum was built around the concept of people playing together, not simply next to each other in the same world. Because of this we wish all new players to experience team play as early on in the game as possible. To this end we're introducing the recruit program: the recruit code found in this email can be used to enable 15 days of play time on a new account (on which no game codes have yet been redeemed).

Give this code to a friend you can play together with, and if they decide to subscribe to Perpetuum for at least another 30 days, the validity of your account will be extended by 15 days. The code you received here can only be redeemed within the next 60 days.
Any responders not have 5mil posts and or not have the required gratuities to cross my palm with need not apply ... I will have great pleasure in deleting all one-post-wonders :)


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