Permission setup.. help!



hi all,
i hope i'm in the correct area for this:
i have a network (server running SBS2003), and 6 computers running xp and 1
running 2k pro. On the 2k pro machine, i want it to be able to see only one
particular computer of the 6 and nothing else!
I dont have a clue how to do this... right now the computer can see the
entire network and can access 5 / 6 of the xp machines.
the login user is setup as a guest account with no password required (there
is obvisously an administrator's account - password required).
Can anyone guide me in how to set this up?

A much appreciated "thank you" to all.



Steven L Umbach

You can not be selective about what computers show in My Network Places.
What you can do is to configure share and NTFS [often referred to as folder]
permissions to manage access to shares on your computers. For this to work
each user will need to have their own user account. I do not recommend using
the guest account and it should be disabled which it is by default. Each
user should also be forced to use a password which you can configure in
Domain Security Policy. Then share and folder permissions can be configured
to give only the needed users or groups permissions to the share. It is
best to add users to groups and then give the groups permissions to the
shares. Then when you have a new user you just add them to the group that
gives then the permissions they should have. I believe SBS2003 can only be
installed as a domain controller which means that each computer needs to be
joined to the domain and user accounts will need to be created in Active
Directory Users and Computers though SBS may have a different name for that.
You may also want to post in an SBS newsgroup and as recommendations on a
good book for SBS to get you going in the right direction. The links below
should get you started. --- Steve;en-us;308418

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