Peer to Peer Network Help


Jamie Styles

I have 2 computers, both running windows 2000.
computer "a" is a laptop
computer "b" is acting as a server on a peer to peer
Currently computer "a" connects thru "b's" T1 line onto
the internet to access or thru a citrix(?) server.
I can ping the address and make contact with computer "b"
but I cannot access any of its files or get email from
it. I would like to be able to access these files, anyone
have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Benn Wolff

computer B needs an account for
computer A to log on to the network with.
then you need to share the files on computer B.
make account on computer B, share file or folder on computer B.
Is this good ?, or do you need more info to set this up ?


Thanks, I tried that. I created a user account on
computer "b" using computer "a"'s log on info. I get a
messege that say "There are currently no logon servers
available for your logon request". There are currently 6
other computers that do log on to it and are working


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