PDOXUSRS.net error when loading game?


Dean Engemoen

Hi everyone,

I am trying to run a hockey sim game called Faceoff which I have played for
years on several old computers; now having bought a new laptop with Vista I
get the following message when trying to run the game:

Network initialization failed.
File or directory does not exist.
Permission denied.
Directory: C:\.

This game is not played over a network of any kind. I know the programmers
of this game and they have no clue what this is, this is a totally new error
to them. Of course, they have no experience with Vista yet.

Anyone have a clue?




Dale White

My guess, is the programmers are really stealing all your data and you're
doomed. Thank God Vista caught it !

On the other hand, Did you try running the program as an Admin ? Right click
and choose "Run as administrator" ? Might need to run the program in XP
Compat mode. Which is a right click, properties and choose Compatibility and
then choose XP:SP2

Check teh windows firewall settings, might even stop windows firewall

Finally, just in case it is some random UAC problem, you could try turning
off the UAC. Go to control panel, User accounts and then turn on\off the
UAC. uncheck the box, reboot and give it a try. if it works, then you'll
want to pass that along to the progammers, so they can get back to stealing
your data, by providing you with a Vista friendly patch for the software


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