pdfs are opening with a green background



In the last week I've had a problem with some, not all, of the .pdf docs that
I open - they appear as black text on an olive green background. They're
difficult to read on-screen, although when I print them the background is the
corrrect color. Please note that when I say "background" I don't mean to
imply that the document has an added background color. These are documents
that are created to be black text on white; no background of any kind has
been added. Other users on our network do not report this problem, and it
only occurs on about half of the .pdf docs that I open. It's not random - if
a document is green when I open it, it continues to be green even if I close
and reopen; if it's OK when I open it, it doesn't get corrupted and
subsequently turn green. It's been happening for about a week so I've shut
down and re-booted a number of times. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.



Graham Mayor

This sounds like a display driver issue. See if there's an update available.

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