PDF-ShellTools V1.0 Build 6 released



Interact with your pdf documents directly from the Windows shell!

New in this release:

Two new PDF tools:
-PDF-Insert/Append pages - Used to insert pdf pages/documents into
other documents specifying insertion point and using powerful merge
rule expressions to specify pages to insert
-PDF-Stamp/Watermark pages - Used to stamp pdf documents pages with
text, images and geometric shapes. Support templates and has various
composition tools to create the overall stamp using the supported
stamp objects.

-The PDF-Merge/Rearrange tool has now an option to do the merge
sequencing thru the documents in the list. Perform:

-The PDF-InfoTip tool can now show system file size, creation date and
modification date

-Added option to sort the files in the PDF Merge/Rearrange and PDF
Insert/Append tools.

-Important bugs discovered in the merge/rearrange tool that produced
invalid files or fault pages have been fixed.

-As usual, include many more bug fixes and several small enhancements.
Get it at:




Interact with your pdf documents directly from the Windows shell!

Nice but...


"Also, as freeware version user you are obligated to always use the last
beta because beta versions only work for 30 days. This way you have to
deal with potential bugs introduced in newer, untested versions. While
registered user you can always use the version you want, the last
stable version or the newest beta."

No Thanks...

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