PDF-ShellTools V1.0 Build 4 released



PDF-ShellTools - Interact with your pdf documents directly from the
Windows shell!

New in this release:

Two new tools:

- Split/Extract Pages - Used to extract pages from, or split, pdf
documents. Powerful split rule expressions to specify single pages,
page intervals, page multiples, and some other more exotic groups.

- Merge/Rearrange Pages - Used to merge several documents or rearrange
document pages. With this tool we can specify page include rules to
detail what pages from the document we want to incorporate in the new
document created by the merge operation.

- This new tools are, compared to others that do almost the same, the
fasted ones that I have, until now, tested. Check for yourself and let
me know if I'm wrong.

- Added support for command line and DLL interface. Check included
Readme.txt for command options.

- The PDF-InfoEdit tool can now append the new info entered to the
already existent field info, when running in batch mode.

- As usual, include many bug fixes and several small enhancements.

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Susan Bugher

RTT said:
PDF-ShellTools - Interact with your pdf documents directly from the
Windows shell!


If you intend to use the tools at your place of business or for
commercial purposes, you need to register so you can do it legally.

Also, as freeware version user you are obligated to always use the last
beta because beta versions only work for 30 days. This way you have to
deal with potential bugs introduced in newer, untested versions. While
registered user you can always use the version they want, the last
stable version or the newest beta.

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