PDF Explorer v1.5 build 51 released



PDF Explorer V1.5 Build 49 released

New in this release:

- Bookmarks now persist between running sessions and with the new
bookmark manager we can rename, delete and change the list order of
the bookmarks.

- The PDF text viewer has now the capability to save all the document
text to a text file. Copy to Clipboard tool button is also available
to copy current page text.

- This version introduce a mechanism to catch unhandled exceptions,
producing error reports, very useful to complement bug report
communications to software developer.

- Added tool button to open/close the InGridPreview panel.

- The grid layout functions are now also accessible from the Edit

- PDFE Lite running mode can now be launched from network places,
without the need to map first that place to a system drive letter.

- An important bug, present in the Merge/Rearrange pages tool, that in
some situations produce broken files is now fixed. If some of you
continue to get broken files with the merge tool, please, e-mail to me
the original files used in the merge.

- All the interface translation has been validated, and corrected, to
fix some bugs tacked to errors present in some of them.

- As usual, include many more bug fixes and some more small

You can find it at




RTT said:
PDF Explorer V1.5 Build 49 released

The free version is time limited, which means is not freeware.

"as freeware version user you are obligated to always use the last
beta because beta versions only work for 30 days."

There is only a beta version!


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