PDF Hyperlinks not working



I have inserted some hyperlinks in an excel file that link to maps stored on
my computer in PDF format. Have had issues with Adobe but now have it
reinstalled however now when I try to access the hyperlinks it comes up with
a warning re being careful of some types of files & when you click ok another
box reads "No programme is registered to open this file" & the hyperlink
doesn't work.

Any ideas how I can fix this as the maps are a pivotal part of my file
however I don't want them open all the time???




Shane Devenshire


Sounds like you are using 2007? If so, this is a security feature. You can
define a given location as secure by choosing Office Button, Excel Options,
Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Trusted Locations. There may be other
settings which will also help.


Hi Shane,

Yes I am using 2007 - what do you mean by "define a given location"?

Could you please give me step by step guide so I can try & fix this.

Thanks heaps




Shane's comments are useful,
but as an aside, I regularly use hyperlinks in XL, for word files, pdfs and
lots else. I find they are pretty reliable except when the administrator is
fiddling with network or I have created a network problem at my end, and in
these cases it won't even find a linked file in the same directory on the
drive. And I can't recall having to really fight it out with the Trust
Centre, I think that is bit of distraction.

With regard to file types - reinstall Adobe somehow.

Probably you have created a unique glitch on your machine, you may have bat
on solo, but hang in there, as hyperlinks in XL have been a pleasure for me.

cheers willy

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