Hyperlink to PDF not working



I am trying to link to a PDF file and using Ctrl K and/or =HYPERLINK opens
the file for a breif second then closes down. How do I get the file to open
and remain open. This one is baffling me.



Dave Peterson

Are you using adobe reader?

If yes, check to see if a different window (excel itself???) is covering the
adobe reader window. (Look at the windows taskbar.)

If there is no entry there, then I bet you need an updated version of reader.

Make sure that all the users have the latest version of the software:

I remember having a nag screen pop up from reader and it was hidden by other
windows. It didn't show up on the taskbar, but when I minimized all my other
windows, I could see it. It was very irritating that I had to dismiss that nag
screen (that I couldn't even see!) first.

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