pci.sys is corrupted or missing



I had a 10G drive and I replaced it with a 120G and installed Windows.
Worked fine, but I dowloaded a bad driver and wanted to do a system
restore. Okay, I ran the system restore and went too far so I reversed
the system restore. In the process of reversing an error came up
saying #!$#$!$# some file could not be recovered on C:.. or something.
Anyway, when I tried to reboot it said pci.sys is corrupt or missing
and to run the recovery console.

I tried putting in the Windows setup disk to run recovery console, it
starts to load files fot the setup and then I get the message pci.sys
is corrupted or missing. It will not get far enough to run the
recovery console and I can't run the automatic recovery console because
I never made a recovery console floppy. Press any key.. then it says
set-up failed and restarts my computer. I tried safe mode, it won't
boot, and I tried last working version, did not work.

I put the 10 G back in and ran the 120G as a slave and Formated the
120G using Disk Management. Still got the error when trying to
install. So I again ran it as a slave and copied
Windows/System32/Drivers to the 120G (It works fine as a data storage
slave, just won't run as a system disk). Then I tried to runt he
Windows setup, it got farther but then I got this error:

File pcmcia.sys caused an unexpected error (32768) at line 5882 in

I rebooted and got the original pci.sys mesage. So, I again ran it as
slave and copied the Windows/System32 and Windows System folders to the
drive and got the original pci.sys is corrupt or missing message when I
tried to install again. I used the 120G HDD manufacturer website to
write zeros to the 120G and that didn't work. I tried to run the setup
from the 10G master, with the 120G drive as a slave, and install onto
the slave, but I installed SP2 on the 10G master and it says it cannot
run because the version I am installing is older than the version I am

I tried to re-install Windows on the 10G drive from the setup CD on
startup and it gave me the same pci.sys error. So I took out the CD
and it booted windows from the 10G. I tried to install windows onto
the 120G drive from a different PC and got the same error. Any help is
GREATLY appreciated!!




I have the same problem only I have purchased a new hard drive and am
getting the PCI.SYS stop error after the installation is done copying
files and begins to start windows.

It almost appears as if there is some sort of hardware problem. I was
able to remove the original drive and install in another PC and it
booted up. Now I placed a different drive in the laptop I am having
trouble with and it booted up.

Any help would be great!



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