PCAnywhere Through VPN Hangs

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John Van Hengel

I use PCanywhere 10.5 to control workstation inside our network. We
use SBS2000 multihomed to a cable modem. I vpn into the sbserver and
then access the workstations. A new credit card processing service
requires that we have a SonicWall. After final configuation (with much
grunting and snorting and mucking with ISA filters) everything seems
ok except PCAnywhere.
From home I can pcanywhere directly into the sbserver ok. From work I
can pcanywhere to my home system ok. From work I can pcanywhere to any
system in the network ok. From home, If I vpn into the sbserver and
connect with a workstation it paints about 2/3s of the desktop and
hangs. It beeps a couple of times and then pcanywhere loses
connection. Any Ideas. All other aspects of the vpn seem ok.

Bill Sanderson

I don't see the why of this, but one thing to try would be MTU testing to
see if there's a reduced MTU somewhere along the path which you could fix by
lowering the MTU at home.

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