PC Locked up, rebooted, Outlook won't start, ScanPST won't finish.



I shut down my Thinkpad last night, closed the lid & went to bed. This
morning it was still on but a blank screen with the cursor showing. Would
not respond so had to hold down the power swithc to shut down. Started it up
again, it went through it's "Unexpected Shutdown" routine. All seemed fine
once Windows was running.

Started outlook and received the nasty sound with a pop up message noting it
could not open OUTLOOK.PST and to run SCANPST to repair it.

Tried that but ScanPST won't finish, it dies of various errors including:
- Fatal Error: 80040818
- Fatal Error: 80040116

Read as many of these posts as possible, tried all the suggestions.

Outlook.PST is less than 160k, is located on my C:\ drive (not on a network
drive) so can't be a SIZE or LOCATION issue...seems to be related to the PC
not shutting down.

How do I fix this?

All of my email is in OTHER PST files (I'm partially smart) and I do have
backups of my CONTACTS and CALENDAR but I have very important data in my
JOURNAL that I need - time tracking details for the past week - If I can
recover just the JOURNAL data...I'd be happy.

Are there any other tools available?



is the pst less than 160K or 160 Meg? If it's less than 160K it's gone,
newly created pst with nothing in it is larger than that.

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