PC ignoring Power Management options



Around Xmas I downloaded the MS Snowflakes screensaver (from the MS
site). It worked fine and after 20 mins my monitor switched off as per
the setting in Power Options and as it has always done before with
other screen savers.

I recently chose another screen saver and now my monitor won't switch
off. Regardless of which screen saver I choose, the monitor will not
power down after 20 mins.
I've tried many different standard screen savers but still the monitor
doesn't power down.
I have removed the Snowflakes saver with Control Panel/Add-Remove
Progs. but to no effect.

The screen saver comes on, then after a while the monitor goes back to
it's 'awoken' state and the cycle repeats.

Any help will be much appreciated.



Hi Pete,
Is the Screen Saver MS Theme or you Got from Hacker Website with lots of
Java and Plug-Ins?,try to see the Power State in the BIOS.
Good Luck,Please write back witjh what you encounter.


Thanks nass, as I said in the original post, I did download from the
MS site.
AFAIK there are no BOIS settings related to Screen Savers for Power
Management - pls let me know if I'm wrong on that count.



Hi pete,
You are Right,there's no such a thing,You could do System restore to the
lastTime the Pc was working, and Check for Errors in the Event Viewer and see
if any Application or your Dispaly Card doesn't like something.
good luck

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