Patch level/anti-virus software reporting tool



Does anyone know if there is a tool that can be installed on Windows
PCs (98/2k/XP) that will report to a central server if that PC is
running the latest security patches and that they are running
anti-virus software with the latest definition files?

In addition, the PCs are not part of a domain and so the tool cannot
run from a central server as it will not have admin rights to check the
PC. ie it has to be a locally installed tool.

I'm seeking such a tool to try and manage the security requirements of
a residential College which houses 250 students who have their own PCs
in their rooms.



"Windows upgrades" will tell you if you are up to date. It will also
tell you if your windows has been properly registered. If all the other
PC's have registered THEIR windows os there is no problem. Otherwise
the latest upgrades re; MS security will be dis-allowed. Software like
SiSoft Sandra 2005 will show what's happening and give tips on ways to
improve your setup in many ways but I doubt whether it will show what
you ask here.
Good luck, Ben.


Thanks for replying, but you misunderstood what I was after.

I don't want to rely on the user ensuring that they are up to date.
Users/students are lazy/ignorant and never keep their systems properly
patched and they won't follow instructions.

I'm basically looking for a reporting tool that automates these checks
and reports the status of the student PC to my central server. If the
report says that the student is not up to date with patches, I will
disconnect them from the network.

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