Patch creation fails: failure due to large 8MB files?


I'm having a problem generating a minor upgrade (patch) between two releases
of a product (build 29 and build 30).

I'm actually using the Standalone build COM automation API feature of
InstallShield Developer to build the patch. However, this is really just a
wrapper around the PatchWiz.dll provided by Microsoft.

Specifically, the patch creation log fails with a message which says:

ERROR: Cannot create patch file for 'H:\PreviousReleases\Build
30\CD-ROM\.\program files\Kalido\Reference Data
Management\.\WebApp\krdm.war' at

The .WAR files (web application server resources, binary) are big -> approx
8MB each. In addition, the two files are different sizes, so the installer
will no doubt be attempting to produce a delta.

The XP machine on which I'm building has plenty of disk space and memory
(768MB RAM, 20-25GB).

Any ideas? The log doesn't give any further indication about why it could
not produce the patch file.



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