Pasting Options in Word 2007 do not work (?)



Hi Folks,

Since I have used "paste special" in previous versions of Word to
paste unformatted text I was very pleased to see that Word now has
many options for "hard-coding" the paste behavior. You can set various
options for "within the same document", "from one document to another"
and "from other documents".

However, my problem is that these options simply have no effect :=)

My main wish is to get unformatted text from other programs, because I
paste from the web a lot and do not want to retain formatting.

So I have set "paste unformatted" (the last of the options in "paste
from other programs"). However, when I tried pasting some formatted
text from Internet Explorer, it just came across with exactly the same
formatting, no difference. Trying other programs yielded the same
results. Starting a new document: same results. Closing Word after
setting the options: same results.

For now, I'm using a macro to get around the problem, but I would
really like to know whether these options work for other people.

Some information about my setup:
- Windows XP SP2
- Office 2007 Home and Student (build 12.0.6015.5000) - German-
language version (which is why I might not have the menu options
exactly right word-for-word)
- NB: while testing, I deactivated *all* Word add-ins

Any help appreciated. I don't fancy starting a 63 EUR support request
for a program I just paid 125 EUR for :=)

Ed Bradburn



Graham Mayor

For pasting from other applications, add the Paste Special button to the QAT
and you have the same paste special options that were available in earlier
versions. Or simply use a macrowhich will work with any recent Word version

Sub PasteUnfText()
On Error GoTo oops
Selection.PasteSpecial DataType:=wdPasteText, Placement:= _
End Sub

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site

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