password randomization


Hey gang, I have two needs:

1) Enforce password policy by forcing a change to the password twice per
year on specific dates. Currently AD does not enforce by date. It allows me
to set an expiration date but its a best effort sort of thing to hope it
lands on the specific dates of my preference.

2) Systematically change the password of just one of my guest account on a
weekly basis. My first thought is to use the date as our service desk will
be able to provide a guest the password without needing to dig it up since
the logic is self explanatory.

In the meantime, I will be writing a more elaborate and secure service to
randomize the password and then publish it to a web page on our Intranet
Portal for our Service Desk to find and provide to the user. More advanced
functions can include a password reset function to quickly change the
poassword. However, currently this is not required.

Any ideas?

PS - I am relatively new to scripting.



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