EHIC registration

Jan 4, 2003
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Erm I have registered for a card today

The problem is below.

My Question;
"After successfully registering and completing the EHIC page. I activated my account and completed the webform.

Trying to login again using my password (using uppercase, lowercase and special character) your website is now insisting my password is incorrect. I am unable to access any information based on my account anymore"

The reply;

"Dear Stephen,

Thank you for contacting the NHS Choices Service Desk.

The issue you have raised does not relate to website or about the information therein. The NHS Choices service desk is only responsible for this website content and any operational issues about it. We cannot advise on the issue you raised today.

The EHIC is supplied and run by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA). NHS Choices are unable to provide any specific advice surrounding EHIC Cards."

I'm confused. Is my password rejection issue not related to the website and operational issues?

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