Nvidia Updates GeForce Experience - Accounts and Passwords now mandatory


Jan 31, 2005
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Nvidia today issues a new and sizable update to GeForce experience, what everyone dreaded slowly is now going into effect. To obtain certain features you'll need to register and login with your account name and password.

Not everything is tied towards the forced login, but if you like to use features like Ansel, ShadowPlay, Game Stream and driver updates you'll need to login with your personalized account or a Google account. The new update requires you to log in so that it can store your game preferences (and probably a lot of other undisclosed stuff if not now then later) onto the cloud.

You have the option to use your Google credentials, which will link your GeForce Experience account to your Google social presence, or you can choose to create a GeForce Experience account. Either way, you will have to log in before you can use the software. The account creation process actually happens the first time you launch the app after the update, and there doesn’t appear to be a way around it.

The update to GeForce Experience is easy to navigate and is definitely a visual improvement, but the fact that you have to log in to use the software might rub some people the wrong way. You can still get your drivers anonymously by downloading them directly from the Nvidia’s website, but you’ll miss out on all the performance optimizations and the game streaming features if you don’t use GeForce Experience.

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