Password Option Missing



Office 2007 and Vista Home Premium.

I want to password protect an Office document. I click the Office button,
choose "save as" but there is no option for password. The Help file says I
should see "Tools" then "General" options. I do not have the "Tools" option
when I do this. I'm stumped.


Click on the Office button, select Prepare and click on Encrypt Document option
In the Encrypt Document dialog window type the password for your document and click OK.
Type the password again for verification and click OK.
When you want to open the document it will be automatically asked for the password.

Note: By default Microsoft Office Word 2007 will save your document with
128-bit encryption.




The option to protect the word document by using the password is in "Save
As" option itself.

Follow the steps:

* Click on the Office button. Then select the Save As option.
* Then click the Tools option which will be in the left bottom corner of the
"Save As" window.
* Then you will get a drop down list where you need to select the "General
* Lastly enter the password to open as well as to modify and click on "OK".

-- Saravanan

---------Please let me know wheather you got the resolution---------

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