won't change my email



Hello there!
I made a big mistake: I wrongly assumed that if I changed the email
associated with my account, messenger would automatically
update the related infos.

I was wrong, because If I log in with this new email associated to my
passport account all my contacts appear off-line because they have me
in their list with my old email.

I was trying to change back the associated email to the old one so
that the problem would be solved (I suppose) but the
automated procedure won't allow me to do it. It says "please try again
later".. but it is a day that is telling to wait.. Maybe the old email
is still somewhat present in their database (or something like that)
and so it isn't working. I emailed customer support but still no

What can I do? Beside creating a new profile or asking everyone to
re-add me? Am I doomed to never being able to change my email again?
Because yesterday when I made this mistake, I also changed the email
of another passport profile (my father's) to that old email (I wasn't
aware that I was logged on with that account -- and I think that this
is what is causing hte "please try again later" error)... but now my
father's email has been changed to the correct one and his MSN account
is working fine. But the passport site won't allow me to change my
email while in other cases it seems to work!

Yeah I know I could have avoided all these problems.. :)
Thanks in advance

sunshine online? having majoy problems with the lovely
0x81000365 error message with Millienium...any ideas?

Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Greetings Sunshine,

Since you can't immediately login, remember that you can might try logging into the Web
Messenger, at least until you can restore your normal Messenger functionality:

However, here are some suggestions you should check/try if you haven't already.

1. The date on your computer needs to be set properly -- double click the clock verify that
the time and date are set.
2. If your password information is not saved, verify that you are typing it in with the
correct case (uppercase or lowercase).
3. Change your password @ to
something smaller (under 10-12 characters), then try signing in again.
4. If you use a firewall (like ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet Security etc. ), it's possible
that Messenger doesn't have the correct rights to access the Internet, especially since you
upgraded. You may need to re/add Messenger to the allowed list of programs in your firewall
if this is the case.
5. If you disabled your firewall in the past, it still may be blocking Messenger -- try
restarting it and see if that helps the situation. You also might try uninstalling an
installed firewall, to verify that it isn't causing a problem (even if it is disabled).
6. Clear your IE cache and cookies -- open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, then
Internet Options, then click the Delete Files button, and when that's complete click the
Delete Cookies button.
7. Check your IE Security settings -- open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, then
Internet Options, then Advanced tab, scroll to the Security section, and verify that "Check
for server certificate revocation" is unchecked. Also verify that 'Use SSL 2.0' and Use SSL
3.0' is checked, then click OK.
8. Click Start, then Run, and enter the following:
regsvr32 softpub.dll
then click OK
and do the same for the following:
regsvr32 wintrust.dll
regsvr32 initpki.dll
Jonathan Kay
Microsoft MVP - MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger
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