I have an old computer with 2 hard drives running Windows 2000. I
believe they are both SCSI.

My C: drive is a Healthy Boot NTFS (Disk 0) and working fine. It is
only 9.32 GB. I said it was old!

My other drive (Disk 1) is the problem. Part of it is Healthy
(active) with a primary partition of 9.32 GB. It is mirroring my c:
drive. It has no drive letter assigned to it.

The rest of the Disk 1 drive is 47.9 GB and contains some important
storage files that I would like to access (but not enough to spend the
$$$ for data recovery, as I have backups of the important ones). It
used to be my d: drive, but something happened and it no longer shows
up in Windows Explorer. Computer Management shows it is Unallocated.

Anyway, the files are still there, according to R-Studio. Does anyone
know how I should partition/ assign a drive letter so I can access the
files in Windows Explorer, or at least make the unallocated portion of
the drive accessible again?

Thanks in advance.




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