Partial Printing and no fax



Windows XP was working just fine, so why did I convert to Vista?...the one
million dollar question!

Problem 1: I can bring up a document or spreadsheet from my folder and
print; however, when I am in a website and I want to print (e.g. banking
information), I click on "print this page" or the printer icon and nothing
happens. I uninstalled the software on my HP Officejet 7310 and reinstalled
twice now with the same result. Any help is appreciated.

Problem 2: I like to fax documents and spreadsheets from the computer
desktop (no problem with XP). Now there is now option to do so when I go to
"print." Is there something I am missing or is there no link to fax from
computer in Vista (I hope not)?

Thank you.

Cal Bear '66

If you have Vista Home or Vista Home Premium, there is no Windows Fax and Scan.
Windows Fax and Scan is only available in Vista Business, Ultimate and

You can try Snappy Fax. ($US 30.00).

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