Parental Control Password not needed



I've got a 6 year old kid. I'm not worried about her looking for
inappropriate material on the web - she's got a select group of sites that
she knows how to get to and use, like - but I thought it would be
good to turn on the Web Filter in the Parental Controls in the unlikely event
that she got off course.

I don't want a password on my administrator account. So every time I log on
to my account a message pops up to *remind* me that I don't have a password
and Vista thinks I should set one. I'm not worried about my 6 year old
changing the parental controls with in my administrator account - she doesn't
even know what they are.

I haven't found a way to stop the nagging for me to set a password. It
looks like I can choose between two annoyances: have to enter a password
every time I log onto my account, or have to be reminded to set a password
every time I log onto my account.

Is there a way to turn off the nagging? A registry setting or something?

Michael Walraven

Recommendation 1: Create and use a password (OK you don't want that).

Recommendation 2: Create and don't use a password for logon: See in help and
support 'automatic logon', basically you create a password then set the
system to automatically logon with a specific account and password. If you
do this, WRITE DOWN THE PASSWORD, because you will not be using it on a
day-day basis you WILL forget it when you actually need it!



Advice from an experienced parent who raised two children on PCs...never
underestimate the power of a 6 year-old (or 7 year-old, or 8, or 9...)


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