Paragraph "Justify" Problem



I have a problem when I Justify a paragraph. The last line always aligns
evenly, even with just 2 words and makes it looked over stretch. It happens
to some paragraphs while others Justify correctly, leaving the last line as
it should be. Is there a Justify setting I need to tweak or correct?

Mary had a little lamb.
Little lamb.



Doug Robbins - Word MVP

If you click on the Show/Hide ¶ button, you will see that the "last" line of
the paragraph that exhibits the problem is not actually the last line of the
paragraph as it is not terminated with a pilcrow ¶. Rather, you have used
Shift+Enter to create a new line.

Hope this helps,

Doug Robbins - Word MVP

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Jay Freedman

The other possibility is that the paragraph has "full justification"
applied with Ctrl+Shift+J. If the paragraph does end with a pilcrow
and not an arrow, try instead pressing Ctrl+J for "justification".

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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