Papersize ACCESS and WORD


Christophe Helfer

I would like to use my DYMO Label PC Manager with an Access Report.

In a WORD document I can setup the size of the paper whatever the printer I
This operation cannot be done inside my Access reports.

I try many solutions but none of theses works !

- Trying to setup with setting up prtDevmode and prtMip but Access return to
default papersize and the label is too long due to paperwidth.
- Trying to add new printer form but requires administrator rights which
does not fit with application mode (this application runs through terminal

I mean that if changing papersize in Word is possible, it should be
identical in Access.
Does anyone know how to make this (by programmation or not)

I use OFFICE 2003.


Christophe Helfer

I tried this method.
The ACCESS application runs in a server. Each user runs this application
through terminal services and the DYMO printers is on user's computer which
are mapped at connection.
If I use this method I have to create on each user's computer the printer
and then if the size of printer form changes, there is another action to
modify the size.
If the report contains the defined size , I just change this size in source

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