Print a report on a specific printer using a user defined paper size


yuri greene

We are using access 2002 and have several users printing
to a Datamax label printer. This is a large database that
is updated often. And is held on the network, and copied
out to users machines as a mdb. Each time it is updated I
have to setup the page setup on a report to the correct
label size on the datamax. I would like to be able to do
this through code which is called from a form. I have
tried with the application.printer but am unable to get
the papersize changed and really don't understand what to
do to make this work for a custom papersize with a name
like "Sample Ticket". Anyone ran into issues like this?



Setting up custom paper sizes can be a pain using the printer object. Its
better to use the prtDevMode property of the report.

Stop by our web site and look in the Code and Design Tips area under
reports. There, you'll find code that will work in all versions of Access,
that you can call priort to sending the report to print which will assure
that its set to a specific paper size (i.e. height and width.)


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