Panasonic KX-FLM600/650 Laser Printer


Dave Smith

I am running with O/S Win98SE. It print the two
pages (labels) and it stop. You will need to reboot
to continue to printing the next two pages and
host of other problems.

Do I need a newer divers, setting etc.? The driver
LPT.VXD is - 4.0.1998. Any suggestions or advices
will be deeply appreciate.




Arthur Entlich

You don't mention if this is a new problem, or happened when you
installed the printer, or what. If the printer used to work correctly
on your system, with WIN98SE, there are two likely possibilities.

1) The driver got corrupted. This can happen for many reasons, and
WIn98SE is more fragile than newer operating systems, and so it might
have been harmed just from basic on and off usage,

2) You might have added something to the system recently that is either
conflicting with the driver or damaged it.

I would suggest you type to find the most recent driver for your printer
that works with Win 98SE. If nothing newer is available, and you still
have the disk or access to the original driver, uninstall the older
driver, and then reinstall with a fresh copy and see if that resolved
the problem.

Microsoft may have provided an "in box" driver that will work with this
printer if you cannot locate one from the manufacturer. I only sugest
this as an option should you not be able to find a more complete driver
from the manufacturer's library.


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