page_fault in non-paged_area ntfs.sys Stop 0x00000050 in anymode




On a laptop (ThinkPad) running XP Pro SP2 with two partitions C:, D;, + 1
hidden Recovery (XP preinstall).

Windows XP was running correctly but during an online update I got BSOD
page_fault in non-paged_area ntfs.sys Stop 0x00000050.

Since then every reboot crash (BSOD) after the XP logo is display
(loading)... with same page fault error.

Memory test OK no hardware has been changed or added

I've tried different options with no success!

1) Safe mode = BDSO (included command line mode)
2) Last good... = BDSO
3) Recovery console = BSDO!
4) Clean install using XP CD start correctly but when ready to setup does
not find any drive avaiable!
5) IBM recovery (From hidden partition) load (splash screen) and BSOD!

Booting DOS using a USB key and running DOS Partition Magic show all
(C:) NTFS Active Primary (Boot)
(D:) NTFS None Primary
IBM_SERVICE FAT32 hidden Primary (IBM Recovery)

However Partition Magic Display Error #1516 on C: meaning “Partition
improperly dismountedâ€. After some research on TechNet all request either to
run chkdsk to fix it or to rebuild the MBR using RC. Chkdsk from dos in not
possible do not see any partitions and fixing MBR required to be able to run
Recovery console!

Any suggestion idea how to fix it ???






Please post a complete copy of the Stop Error report you are seeing.

Disable automatic restart on system failure. This should help by
allowing time to write down the STOP code properly. Keep pressing the F8
key during Start-Up and select option - Disable automatic restart on
system failure. Do not re-enable automatic restart on system failure.
Check for variants of the Stop Error message.

What is your computer make and model?

What exactly do you have by way of a Windows XP CD?

Are you able to boot to safe mode?

Have you tried Last Known Good Configuration?
A description of the Safe Mode Boot options in Windows XP

Try booting with only keyboard, mouse and monitor connected.

How did the problem start?

What are your anti-virus and anti-spyware arrangements?


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
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