P2P Network access question



2 XP Pro PC's in P2P Lan, named WS1 and WS2
User1 has an account on WS1, with user level privileges.
User1 does NOT have an account on WS2.

WS2 is setup so that:
*share level and filesystem permission ons \\WS2\SharedDocs are
*in GPO
-let everyone permissions apply to anonymous enabled
-donot allow anonymous enumeration of SAM account/shares is disabled
-Acces this computer from a Network is set to Everyone
-Shares that can be accessed anonymously...SharedDocs has been added on
-Sharing and Security Model for local accounts:Windows Classic--Local
users authenticate as themselves.

*When User1 logs on, it takes about a minute to open "My Computer" for the
first time. In my experience this usually means it's looking for some network
resource it's not finding and then giving up.
*When User1 is browsing to "My Network Places", when trying to connect to
WS2 he gets a prompt for a user name before he can connect.
*If a user who has an account on BOTH Workstations logs on, he can browse
the network instantly

Should User1 who has an account on WS1 be able to access \\WS2\SharedDocs?
User1 does not have an account on WS2.
I'm thinking that "Access this computer from a network:Everyone" should
allow this. What am I missing.

My goal
I want a user who does not have a local account on another workstation to be
able to access some resources on that other workstation including:
*browse that computer for available shares
*see shared printers
*write to and read from designated shares.

Myles Boyd


In answer to your questions:

1/ User1 does need an account on WS2 with the same password - set both to
never expire & user can not change

2/ You could create a local account called user with a password. Users will
be prompted for username and password when connecting.


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