"Overflow" appears when attempting to run an access report.

Discussion in 'Microsoft Access Reports' started by Guest, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    When attempting to preview a certain Access report created with the report
    wizard, the following message appears: "The wizard is unable to preview your
    report, possibly because another user has a source table open in exclusive
    mode. Your report will be opened in design view." If I close out design view
    and attempt to run the report, the "overflow" error message appears. I have
    not experienced this problem with other similar reports using the same
    database. Any suggestions? Thank You!
    Guest, Jul 14, 2007
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  2. Guest

    Chuck Guest

    Just a guess, make sure you don't have a many to many relationship involved.

    Chuck, Jul 15, 2007
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  3. Guest

    Allen Browne Guest

    An overflow error means the data type that Access is using is not large
    enough to hold the result. To see an example, open the Immediate Window
    (Ctrl+G), and enter:
    ? 200 * 200
    You get the overflow error, because the code window treats the value of 200
    as an integer, but the result is to large for an integer (i.e. greater than
    32767.) To solve the issue, typecast one of the values to a long:
    ? CLng(200) * 200

    Now to track down what's causing this error. The overflow could be occuring
    with your data, or it could be within Access itself.

    If this report is based on a query, run the query itself? Does it generate
    an overflow?
    If so, identify the calculated fields, and typecast them. Details:

    If the calculated query fields call a user-defined function, the function
    could be causing the overflow. Temporarily comment out any error handler in
    the function, so you can see what line generates the error. Also, from the
    code window choose Options on the Tools menu. On the General tab, make sure
    Error Trapping is set to:
    Break on Unhandled Errors
    so you can see the errors. Also uncheck Compile on Demand (which can corrupt
    the database.)

    If the query runs fine, does the report have any code in its module? If so,
    again comment out any error handler so you can see what is triggering the

    Next, identify the calculated controls on the report, e.g. those that have a
    Control Source like this:
    Is there anything here that could overflow?

    If necessary, make a backup copy of the databse, and start eliminating these
    calculated controls from the report, until you identify which one is causing
    the error. If there are heaps, eliminate half at a time; keep halving until
    you pin down the culprit(s).

    If none of that works, and particularly if this problem occurs in other
    cases also (e.g. whenever you try this wizard), there could be a problem
    with the installation wizard or some component the wizard is using. Here's
    Microsoft's suggestions for tracking down these problems:
    Allen Browne, Jul 15, 2007
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