Overclocking failed!

Aug 23, 2007
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Hello there,

i've been facing two problems on my comp.

1. Insufficient power supply to the graphics card.
2. Overclocking failed...when i'm not (leads to computer shutting down)

My comp specs are:
Intel Pentium® 4 (3.0 Ghz)
Asus P4P800 SE
256Mb Nvidia GeForce 6800 GS (AGP)
2x 512MB Ram
2x Harddisks
Windows XP Professional SP2

i recently upgraded my PSU to a Cooler Master eXtreme power 430W ATX 12V (efficiency 70% typically)
i've also used a PSU calculator to get about 315W of power usage.

Another thing that might be a problem is that my graphics card (AGP) requires an additional power cable to be connected. My PSU has a 6 pin PCI-e connector instead. Is that incompatible?

Could it also be over heating? because my CPU seems a bit heated up. Currently using Centurion cooler master(which has a big fan at the back). I have a small fan on my motherboard and the graphics card comes with its own fan.

Please advise what's the problem. and if i need to get a PSU please recommend the required Wattage such that my comp can definitely run and also a preferred brand. (don't want to waste anymore money like buying a new PSU which does not supply sufficient power)

Thanks a lot,

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