Outlook XP/2000 Junk Email Folder Help


Pete Carr

I have MS Office XP/2002 and in Outlook I have a Junk Email Folder and I have
went to the "Organize" Menu and then to Junk Emaik and set it all up right I
I can open and see in the blocked incoming emails box where I have some
names in it. Some still come through i think.

But my real question is how can I get email that I recieve and right click
on then say send to Junk email to go to my "Junk Email Floder" instead of
having to go to the "Organize" menu's etc. I know MS Office 2007 does this
easily. I tried it out but want to wait a while before I get it.
Thanks a million.
Pete Carr
Fifth Wave Media Inc.


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