Outlook will not show Cyrillic letters in e-mail


Jan W

I have been using Outlook Express ver.6. as my e-mail
reader. I get a lot of Russian e-mail, besides Norwegian
and English, and my Outlook Express has no problem
handling the Russian alphabet. Now I have started using
Outlook 1997 because of the calendar, contacts,
appointments etc. But when I try to use Outlook as a e-
mail reader as well, it will not display Russian
characters, instead it displays question marks. And I can
find no way of choosing different character sets in
Outlook, while it is quite easy in the menues of Outlook
Express. I have therefore been forced to continue to use
Outlook Express as my e-mail reader even if I now use
Outlook as a calendar and appointment book. Has anybody a
solution to the problems with different alphabets in
Outlook? Is 1997 a too old version, should I upgrade? I
run Windows XP and have installed a keyboard manager, so
that I can switch between English, Norwegian and Russian
(qwerty-like, non-standard) keyboard designs. This works
fine in other Office 1997 programs (Word, Excel) but not
in Outlook.
Jan W


I have read previous posts that claim you can disable the Preview Pane in
Outlook via Group Policies, using the Outlook ADM template in the Office
Resource Kit.

However, the only options there are:
-Mark messages as read in preview window
-Wait xxx seconds before marking items as read
-Mark item as read when selection changes
-Single key reading using spacebar

There are no options for disabling the Preview Pane itself.

I have created an adm template for use with NT, which worked (using HKLM
Software\Classes\CLSID\{0020D75......}\shell\open\command key). This did
not work with Group Policies; in fact the category appeared, but the Policy
did not, in the GPO editor. I believe that this is because the KEYNAME must
point to one of the "Policies" paths.

Any suggestions how I might use group policies for this?


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