Language Support in From and Subject fields



I have enabled Russian Language support in Vista for use in Outlook 2007 for
a user who deals extensively with the Russian market.

There is no problem in viewing and entering cyrillic alphabet characters in
the body of the e-mail but Outlook will not allow display cyrillic alphabet
characters in either the From field or the Subject field. Nor will it allow
these characters to be entered in these fields from the keyboard when
composing an e-mail.

The problem is two-fold. We cannot see the e-mailer's name and when we send
an e-mail with the subject in English it may be deleted as spam by the
Russian recipient

I have seen these fields enabled on an XP/Outlook 2003 pc but cannot

Can anyone help with this please.

NB We do not use a MS Exchange Server

Diane Poremsky

not sure it matters... but in tools, option, mail format, international
options, is English headers selected?


Both "use englsih for message flags" and "use english for message headers and
forwards" tick boxes are blank - not set

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