Outlook Web Access and IE8



.. I cannot load OWA in IE8. IE8 starts to load and just spins and spins?
Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Thank you for your help.

Bill Sanderson

I haven't seen this at all. Does it do this when you run IE8 in safe mode?
Look under accessories to find the link to run in safe mode, I think.

If it does not, then the problem is with an add-on.

What version of Windows? What Server version are you connecting to?


I have the same problem and it started after an MS update. I use firefox to
access OWA because there seems to be no info on this matter.

Bill Sanderson

Can you identify the update? Have you tried uninstalling it? If it is a
security-related update, I'd recommend calling Microsoft at 1-866-pcsafety
if you are in the U.S. or Canada--that may be the quickest way to get good
information. Please post back here if you can how it goes?

My machines are fully patched with all critical patches and nearly all
optional ones as well--again--what version of Windows? What version of
server are you connecting to?
My machines are a mix of xp, vista, and Windows 7, connecting to a Small
Business Server 2003 system.

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