Do I Need A CODEC?



Running 3GHz CPU, 2 G RAM, WinXP Pro SP3, hi speed internet (Comcast).

I've asked about this problem before with lots of help but no resolution. (I
think the thread was Repairing IE8). IE8 has been working just fine on my
computer for years. IE8 about four months ago started not loading videos
from *some* sites like It does load YouTube and
videos from other sites and .swf files from my hard drive. I have the same
setup on two other computers and they work fine. I've compared
Tools/Internet Options on all computers and they are the same. I have the
latest Adobe Flash player.

When I say it doesn't play videos I mean instead of the video, I get a black
box where the video should be but there is text on the site I'm trying to
play the videos on. IE8 otherwise works fine. It shows all sites and plays
the audio files and shows text on the sites, but not the video files.

I put Chrome on my computer and it does the exact same thing as IE8; it
doesn't play videos from the same sites as IE8. Otherwise it also works fine.

During the last time I got help here, I made a new account and IE8 worked
fine under the new account. The problem with that is I have many programs on
my computer and it would take a lot of work to get them all moved to a new

My question from all this, considering all the things that have been tried in
the past, is am I missing or have a bad CODEC ? If I remember correctly, each
site requires different CODECs. As an example, my IE8 works perfectly on .



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